03 of March 2020

It’s now the third of March and I’ve been gone from the Buddhist temple for a week while recovering from a dust allergy which triggered blepheritis. Blepheritis is a nasty swelling of the eyelids, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Unfortunately it’s a chronic condition that I’ve had since the age of 18, and has caused me a lot of trouble in the past.

This recent case was all set off by my overeager desire to organise all the books in the library, sending small particles of decade old dust into the air and turning my eyes bright red and puffy in the process, causing me to bump into people and things the following morning while I did my best impression of Mr. Magoo. Off to a great start there then!

I’m now back here at the King’s Bromley temple to teach the Monks English today, which is part of a ten week course, which I hope to teach with at least two other teachers volunteering here at the temple. It’s early days with the course but hopefully once it is set in motion in can be handed over to future teachers volunteering here at the temple.

This time I’ve come tooled-up and prepared to fight with anti dust goggles, a sleeping mask as well as some eye drops. Who knows what the monks will think when they see me teaching in the library with my goggles…

But then again there is always another way to get things done if you are willing to do things differently. Or, there is always more than one way to skin a cat, which someone in my family used to say.